IAMS is the International Association for Media in Science


>> Objectives

IAMS promotes the production, documentation, preservation, distribution and use of audio-visual media and materials for the growth and communication of knowledge in the natural and human sciences, technology and medicine.

Members are the major national associations for scientific media, numerous audio-visual centres of universities, production houses, and individual experts from all over the world.

>> Current coverage

Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA

>> Agenda

DIVERSE is the leading conference on all aspects of video and videoconferencing in education: teaching, research, management etc – including the convergence of these technologies with online technologies, and the emergence of new possibilities such as telepresence learning, interactive television, virtual reality and computer games techniques, and wireless and handheld access to moving images.

>> Minutes of the 20th Annual General Meeting of the Association held on Saturday 21th of April, 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain

The General Assembly of 2012 has a special significance since the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Association on April 1992 during the General Assembly of ISFA/AICS here in Zaragoza.

The opening speech of the celebration is made by Jan T. Goldschmeding, first President of IAMS, with the relation : “IAMS: Past, Present and Future.

1 – Opening comments from the IAMS President

The opening comments from the IAMS President were presented verbally and approved by the assembly after a short discussion.

2 – Verification of the members present

Are present in person the following members:

Mylada BALOUNOVA                                         Czech Republic

David CLEVERLY                                               United Kingdom

Marina FORTUNA                                              Italy

Jan GOLDSCHMEDING                                      The Nederlands

Alessandro GRIFFINI                                         Italy

Marcella Giulia LORENZI                                  Italy

Rogelio SANCHEZ VERDASCO                         Spain

Genilton Josè VEIRA                                        Brazil

Murray WESTON                                              United Kingdom

On behalf of the WAHMF participate in the work:

Andres BAS                                                     Spain

Pierre JAMART                                                Belgium

As there were not sufficient voting members present to form a quorum for an Annual General Assembly Meeting, an Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly was opened.

3 – Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from:

Zhao ZHIZHEN, Wang LINAN (P.R. China),  Michael CLARK , Angela SAWARD, Robert HARRIS (UK), Umberto  DE GIOVANNI, Pasquale TUCCI, Edoardo VENTIMIGLIA, Marco GALLONI, PierCarlo PORPORATO (Italy), Pablo ROSENBLATT (Chile), Hervé LIEVRE, Alexis MARTINET, Annick DEMEULE, Thierry PATURLE (France), Gerardo OJEDA CASTANEDA (Spain),  Irma ATTME de CEBALLOS (Argentina), Foulie FONTINI LEANDRI (Greece), Kathleen VAN DAMME (Belgium), Maria Joao FACEIRA (Portugal), Werner GROSSE, Michaela Von BULLION (Germany),

Some of these members had given proxy votes to members present.

4 – To receive and approve the minutes of 18th Annual General Meeting held in Avanca, Portugal on 23th of July 2011

The Minutes were approved unanimously as a true record of the eighteenth Annual General Meeting.

5 – Approval of amendments to the Constitution as drafted by the Commmission Goldschmeding / Griffini

The proposed amendments have been submitted to the previous General Assembly that did not have the necessary quorum.

Therefore, at this meeting is sufficient the majority of the presents.

Submitted for vote the amendments are adopted unanimously by the present members.

6  – General Discussion

Opens a general discussion of the first twenty years of the association and on the next actions.

It was decided to:

– Establish a working group on the history of IAMS coordinated by Jan Goldscmeding and composed by all the members of the Board.

The group is open to all contributions and will have the task of developing a “corpus” of knowledge about the history of the ISFA / AICS and IAMS.

– In collaboration with Avanca Cinema to develop a Format for a “On Line Scientific Film Festival” (with IAMS Award) modeled on “Ronda Tradition”.

– Make a selection of “IAMS Scientific Films” for the ASECIC WebSyte. It will be necessary to develop a format for classifying the films and writing the abstracts

– Cooperate with ASECIC in the Prject “Fathers of Scientific Cinema”

7 – To receive the Honorary Treasurer’s Report for 2012

Are in progress the agreements for transfer the dulie from the old treasurer (H. Lievre) to the new one (R.S.Verdasco).

The cost of the celebrations was 4 426,40 €

8 – To approve a special resolution to set subscription rates for the year 2012 – 2013

Non Profit-Making Organisations                            € 250,00

Individuals                                                            €   50,00

WHAMF members                                                €   25,00

The General Assembly passed the resolution unanimously.

9 – To receive and approve the new applications for membership.

There is no new applications for membership

10 – Any other business

There is no other business

11 – Attachments

Attachment 1 – Opening speech by Jan T. Goldschmeding: “IAMS: Past, Present and Future“.

Attachment 2 – Text of the amended Constitution