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IAMS is actively collaborating with “BICC – Ronda 2014 »

In order to value, to stand out and to promote with a series of prizes and recognitions of quality, production and diffusion of the current audiovisual scientific and technological, the Spanish Association of Film and Scientific Images (ASECIC) – within the framework of 27th Edition of the Biennial International Scientist Film (BICC) Ronda 2014 – invites all persons and public, private and social organizations in the world and dedicated to the production, diffusion and use of audiovisual content and sound, still and moving images for research, education, communication, outreach and scientific and technological culture, to submit in his international competition all those audiovisual works made from the field of science, technology and innovation

Promote and encourage innovative formats and visual narratives, open to those works or audiovisual contents produced in last three years (January, 2011 – January, 2014), and presented for the first time to the Biennale.  They are out of the contest, audiovisual works whose leaders are part of its technical organization, or the sponsorship of the event, and those that have a non-scientific character for advertising or promotional purposes of a product, service or brand. To do so, and outside of the contest, in a complementary manner will be invited and an international section of industrial video and services will be opened to its projection with informative technological or scientific purposes.

Hence, and with a wide dimension, defined work or scientific and technological audiovisual content to all the production of sound, still images and moving, whose intention or aim either the show or to publicize processes and results of research, development and innovation (I+D+i) scientific and technological, as well as multiple educational and informative aspects of knowledge related to science and technology within the society and culture, and that can be included in any of the following categories of research:

  • Human Sciences (Humanities), Social, Legal and Economic: Philosophy and Psychology, Modern Languages ​​and Literature, History and Archaeology, Geography, Anthropology, Ethnography and Ethnology, Sociology, Communication and Information, Culture and Arts, Political Science, Law , Economics, Administration, etc.
  • Natural, Physical and Chemical Sciences: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology (Zoology, Botany, Agriculture, Maritime, Ecology, Environment, Biochemistry and Genetics, Biogeography, Ethology), Meteorology, etc.
  • Exact Sciences, Engineering and Technology: Mathematics, Engineering Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Industrial, Aeronautical, Energy, Soils and Geology, Mineralogy and Metallurgy, etc.
  • Medicine and Health Sciences: Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, etc.
  • Diffusion of Scientific and Technological Knowledge in media and radio and television broadcasts in open terrestrial signal, on cable, satellite and Internet.