Feb 3, 2010

47th International Festival TECHFILM 2010 5th International Conference EMTECH 2010

Michel Lavacry

Dear producers, filmmakers and authors

From 13th to 17th September 2010 – under the auspices of Professor Vaclav Havlicek, the rector of Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) and Mr.Thomas Chalupa, the mayor of the municipal district of Prague 6 – the 47th International Film Festival of science, technology and arts TECHFILM and 5th International Conference EMTECH will take place in Prague on the University Campus and  the National Technical Library .

The TECHFILM is the oldest festival of professional, popular-science and science films in Europe. Its aim is to collect and present the latest programs from the fields of science, technology and arts within the festival competition and the post-festival distribution. The content and the form of those programs are contributing to education and exchange of information. A part of the festival is also a national display of multimedia products contributing to a better education at all types of schools.

The EMTECH conference presents papers concerning the future of studies of the technical branches, development of secondary and university education and opens room for the presentation of research projects and development plans of the university as well as for the presentation of both Czech and foreign institutions.

This year our intention will be again to introduce the latest Czech and foreign films bringing information from science, technology and arts. In the national contest multimedia products supporting education on all types of school will be presented. At the conference we would like to introduce educational activities and new technologies. This on-coming international event will aim especially at presenting the science, research and technology important to our daily life.

We are inviting you to entry your films and to participate on this International Event.

In the attachment you will find the Statutes.  Please, fill our entry form and send your films until 31thMarch 2010.

All necessary information and Entry Form you will find on http://emtech.cvut.cz

Sincerely yours

Mylada Balounova

Executive Director of TECHFILM


CTU in Prague, FEE, Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6, phone +420 224353931,  GMS +420 728286099

balounov@fel.cvut.cz mylada@volny.cz

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