IAMS Constitution

International Association for Media in Science



  1. Name

The association is called: “IAMS International Association for Media in Science”.

It will be referred to in this constitution as “the Association”.

  1. Aims

2.1 The objectives of the Association are to promote the producti­on, docu­mentation, preservation, distribution and use of audio-visual media and materials for the growth and communication of knowledge in the natural and human sciences, technology and medicine.

2.2 The members constitute a network of experts who share the objectives of the Association. They co-operate and communicate by physical and virtual means.

  1. ­Membership

3.1 The following are eligible for membership of the Associa­tion:

  • individuals;
  • non individuals, such as universities, foundati­ons, associa­ti­ons and institutions or corporate bodies and broadcasting organizations; non individual members shall appoint one person as their official representative

3.2 All members have equal rights.

3.3 Membership shall end:

When written notification is given, or

  • individual members: upon the death of the member
  • non-individual members: upon the dissolution of the member-organization

3.4 Members who fail to pay the membership subscription for at least 2 years may be deprived of membership by decision of the General Assembly.

  1. Activities

The activities of the Association are:

  • organising of conferences, screenings and workshops;
  • informing its members;
  • providing consultancy services;
  • any other business which helps to achieve the aims of the Association and its membership
  1. Seat, offices

5.1 The Association is legally registered at Meudon, France.

5.2 The postal address of the Association is the postal address of the President or of the General Secretary, unless otherwise decided.

5.3 The Association has a website, comprising all important information.

  1. General Assembly

6.1 The General Assembly is comprised of all members of the Associa­tion.

6.2 Meetings of the General Assembly are held in public, unless stated otherwise by the same General Assembly. Meetings are announced by electronic means.

6.3 The General Assembly shall meet once a year in an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The agenda of the AGM shall contain at least the following:

  • the minutes of the previous AGM;
  • the financial report of the past year, the budget and financial plan for the next year and the ratification of the subscription rates for the next year;
  • reports on the activities of the Association and discussion of future activities
  • elections (if applicable)

6.4 Decisions of the General Assembly are taken by a majority vote, unless stated otherwi­se in this constitution.

The voting procedure shall be in writing each time the majority of the members present decide to do so and each time the President considers it useful.

6.5 Each member has one vote.

6.6 Members can vote by proxy.

No member shall accept more than 3 proxy votes.

6.7 In matters of importance, the board or the General Assembly may hold a poll of all the members. This poll may be held by electronic means.

  1. Board

7.1 The General Assembly shall elect a board.

7.2 Members of the board serve for a period of 3 years and may be re-elected.

7.3 The board will appoint from their midst a President, a General Secretary and a Treasurer.

7.4 The President shall preside over meetings of the Association.

The President may delegate this task to another board member.

7.5 The General Secretary calls for meetings of the Associati­on and is responsible for the minutes.

7.6 The Treasurer is in charge of the audit of the accounts and the verification of expenses.

The Treasurer presents the annual financial report and the budget and financial plan to the General Assembly.

7.7 The board shall maintain the website of the Association and  is responsible for its content.

7.8 For any case in which the Association needs to be legally represen­ted, including any lawsuit, the board delegates 2 of its members to act in the name of the Association.

  1. Elections

8.1 Elections are announced by the board at least 4 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting of the General Assembly.

8.2 Names of candidates are submitted to the General Secretary. The candidates must be in the hands of the General Secretary before the election procedure starts.

8.3 The President declares the election procedure to be started.

8.4 The election procedure consists of 3 consecutive steps:

  • The General Secretary provides a list of candidates, in the order in which they have been received;
  • The General Assembly decides on the number of seats in the board;
  • The voting procedure

8.5 Article 6.4 applies to the voting procedure.

Each candidate must receive a majority of votes cast to be elected.

  1. Expert Committee

Members of the IAMS Board who have completed their term of office shall be eligible to join an Expert Committee of the Association. Other members proposed by the Board and approved by the General Assembly may also join this Committee. Members of the Expert Committee will be entitled to participate in all Board Meetings, but without voting rights.

10. Funding

The funds of the Association will come from subscriptions of members, donations, subsidies, sponsorships, advertising and any other legal source.

11. Change of constitution

11.1 The constitution may be changed only by a special resolution of the General Assembly.

11.2 The quorum, required for such changes is 2/3 of the members.

The proposal is accepted when at least 1/2 of the members present, plus one, vote in favour.

11.3 The text of the proposed changes must be sent to the members at least 6 weeks in advance of the meeting.

11.4 When the quorum is not reached a second meeting must be held between 4 weeks and 1 year after the first one.

In this meeting a decision may be taken when 1/2 plus 1 of the members present vote in favour.

12. Bylaw

The General Assembly may decide to make a bylaw. To accept or to change the bylaws the paragraphs 11.2 to 11.4 are applicable.

13. Language

13.1 Official documents, like the constitution, minutes of meetings and documents concerning the General Assembly shall be written in English.

13.2 A translation into another language shall be made in cases when legal purposes require.

13.3 The Board and/or the General Assembly can decide to make other translations.

14. Dissolution of the Association

In case of proposed dissolution or liquidation of the Associa­tion the procedure required to change the constitution shall apply.

The General Assembly names a non profit organization to which the assets of the Association shall be made over.
The first constitution of IAMS has been adopted at the founding assembly held in Zaragoza, Spain, on April 24th, 1992.

This 4th revised constitution has been adopted at the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Association held on Saturday 21th of April, 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain.

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